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2019 Rates

90 minutes .......... $140

75 minutes .......... $120

60 minutes .......... $100


 Massage Therapy available: Monday to Saturday

Closed: All Statutory Holidays


To book online: we DO NOT require any credit card information, but we DO require all of your contact information & health intake.

Thank you. 


Welcome to Takhina Therapeutics


Terms and Conditions of Takhina Therapeutics:

Cancellation Policy24 hours notice required for a cancellation.  The total cost of your appointment will be billed to you for missed appointments or cancellations without the 24 hour notice. Some exceptions maybe considered. All cancellations must be made by phone (emails and text messages will not be accepted if sent within the 24 hour period). 

Appointment Time: All appointments will consist of time towards an assessment, the treatment and home care of the condition being presented. You are required to arrive to your appointment on time and no later than the start time of your appointment. If you are late, you will be billed for the full cost of the time allotted for your appointment. If you have an one hour appointment allotted we can conduct the treatment, if your appointment time allotment is 45 minutes or less and you are 15 minutes or more late there is not enough time to conduct a thorough treatment and you will be required to pay for the appointment and reschedule for another time more convenient.

Payment Policy: All payments must be made on the same day as your appointment. This office accepts e-transfers, cash and cheques only. There is no credit/debit machine available in this office. A $55 NSF charge will apply on any returned cheque as well as the original payment all made in a cash payment. E-transfers must be sent to the office before your scheduled appointment time. 

Cold Weather Closure Policy: I will do everything in my power to be in the office, however, that being stated, I will close the office if the weather is -42 or colder. I live approx 30 minutes from Whitehorse and it is hard on my vehicle and my bones. If the weather is this cold when I awake in the morning I will contact you by email and telephone as soon as I possibly can to inform you of the closure. 

Cold/Flu Policy: We ask that you refrain from booking or attending any booked appointment if you are experiencing any type of cold or flu symptoms. If you have an appointment booked and develop symptoms please contact us as soon as possible so we can reschedule the appointment for a later date. If you come to an appointment and you have cold or flu symptoms we will have to send you away and charge you for the full amount of the appointment time booked. 

Symptoms include: sneezing, coughing, runny nose, body aches, fatigue, upset stomach (diarrhea/vomiting). Any of these symptoms with/without fever. 

It is important that we don't spread any unwanted cold/flu. If you need to reschedule please call 867.393.3224 ASAP. 

Scents/Lotion Policy: Please refrain from wearing any perfumes/colognes and/or body staining/suntan lotions. You maybe asked to reschedule your appointment if the scents are too strong. If you are asked to leave you will have to pay for the full appointment time. If you have tanning lotion on and its stains the linens you may be charged a replacement fee. This also includes the smell of Cannabis Products.

Thank you for your understanding, 
Kala Smith, RMT
Owner of Takhina Therapeutics